The award for visual artists, The Milčik Award, was established by the Institute of Contemporary Arts in collaboration with the RU – Residency Unlimited with support of the Trust for Mutual Understanding (New York, USA).

The Milčik Award and ICA thus became a part of the international network YVAA Young Visual Artists Awards, which includes eleven countries of Central and South Eastern Europe and continues to expand. The award has been established in each of these countries by independent and non-profit organizations for contemporary art.

The Young Visual Artists Awards program (YVAA) is an international award program for young visual artists in Central and South Eastern Europe. In 1990 Wendy W. Luers, founder and director of Foundation for a Civil Society, together with President Vaclav Havel and a group of dissident artists first established the Jindrich Chalupecky Award in Czechoslovakia to recognize artistic excellence in young visual artists, under 35 years old, and provide them with a U.S. residency experience. The Young Visual Artists Awards program was established over several years as an international network of similar awards with support from the Trust from Mutual Understanding, a US foundation. Today eleven European countries are part of this network: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Albania, Bulgaria and Montenegro. In 2015, Residency Unlimited (RU) was engaged as the organizer of the YVAA program and host of the NY residency program.

The Milčik Award is named after an artwork of Milija Pavićević, whose artistic activity contributes significantly to the development and history of Montenegrin art. In the context of this award, his work ‘Milčik’ emphasizes the importance of investing in art and artists and foster mutual respect and trust in culture.

The Milčik Award includes and provides for one artist a fully covered two-month residency in the space of the organization Residency Unlimited in New York, USA (for period: april and may 2018.), as well as a solo exhibition after returning to Montenegro.

The main goal of the award is to support visual artists and facilitate their artistic trajectory. The award project is designed to recognize local creative potential and connect those art practices to the international scene of contemporary art, thus to enable the introduction with the various models of functioning in the art world, as well as to encourage open and constructive exchange between countries that are already in the program.

The open call for The Milčik Award will be published on 1st September 2017. The finalists will be nominated in early November. The exhibition of finalists, where the winner of The Milčik Award 2017 will be announced is planned for December 2017.

Co-organizer of the exhibition for finalists of The Milčik Award 2017 is National Museum of Montenegro.

Young Visual Artists Awards network:
ARDHJE AWARD – Zeta Art Center & Gallery, Tirana, Albania.
ZVONO AWARD – Association for Research, Documentation and Artist Representation Sklop, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
BAZA AWARD – Institute of Contemporary Art and Edmond Demirdjian, Sofia, Bulgaria.
RADOSLAV PUTAR AWARD – Institute for Contemporary Art, SCCA Zagreb, Croatia.
JINDRICH CHALUPECKY AWARD – Jindrich Chalupecky Society, Prague, Czech Republic.
ARTIST OF TOMORROW AWARD – Stacion – Center for Contemporary Art, Prishtina, Kosovo.
DENES AWARD – Contemporary Art Center and FRU (Organisation for arts and culture Faculty for things that can’t be learned ) Skopje, Macedonia.
DIMITRIJE BASICEVIC MANGELOS AWARD –  Remont Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia.
OSKAR CEPAN AWARD – Foundation -Centre for Contemporary Arts, Bratislava, Slovakia.
OHO AWARD – Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Gallery in Center P47, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
MILČIK AWARD  – ISU – Institute for Contemporary Art, Cetinje, Montenegro.