FUTURE ECOLOGIES / Future in Debris

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Interdisciplinary program FUTURE IN DEBRIS takes place exactly thirty years after the proclamation of Montenegro as an ecological state. In those thirty years, we were faced with the onslaught of wild neoliberalism, the consequences of which are reflected through the urban and natural landscape. While ideas of unity are collapsing along with neglected masterpieces of socialist architecture, Montenegro’s natural beauty is being reduced to consumer goods repackaged to attract investors’ capital. In such circumstances, how do you imagine the future of a society? The need to rethink the community and to take united action to find the ecologies of the future are the burning topics that the FUTURE IN DEBRIS deals with.

The curator of the program is Natalija Vujošević. The exhibition features the following artists: Adrijana Gvozdenović, Louis Henderson, Irena Lagator Pejović, Ivan Marković, Uriel Orlow, Charlotte Prodger, Ben Rivers, Ivan Salatić, Jelena Tomašević and Lenka Đorojević & Matej Stupica. The spatial action forum is organized by the collective KANA (ko ako ne arhitekt?), and the participants are Balša Lubarda, Ljuba Slavković (CZKD), Aleksandar Perović, Cvijeta Biščević and Biljana Gligorić (EXPEDITIO).

The organizers of the project are the British Council and LUX London. The Film Center of Montenegro is a partner in the project, and the program is realized in cooperation with the “Petrović Njegoš” Foundation and the Institute for Contemporary Art (NVU).

Fondacija Petrović Njegoš, 4-28 May 2021

Public lectures: Zoom platform, 6 May – 3 June 2021

Full exhibition materials: www.futureindebris.space