MILČIK 2019 / exhibition


The award for young visual artists Milčik YVAA will be organised for the second time by the Institute of Contemporary Arts – ICA in collaboration with the Residency Unlimited and supported by the Trust for Mutual Understanding (New York, USA).

The exhibition of Milčik 2019 will open on Friday, December 6, 2019 at 7 pm, at the Petrović Njegoš Foundation.
The artists participating in the exhibition Milčik 2019 will present their work to the jury members before the exhibition is announced and opened, after which the jury will make a final decision and announce the awarded artist at the opening of the exhibition.

The jury of the second edition of the Milčik Award is: Eriola Pira, curator of the Vera List Center for the Arts and Politics, New York; Miran Mohar, Slovenian artist, IRWIN / NSK; Svetlana Racanović, art historian and independent Montenegrin curator; Siniša Radulović, artist, who received the Milčik Award 2017 . They nominated four artists in the first round of the jury. These are (in alphabetical order):

Brigita Antoni, Teodora Nikčević, Jovana Vujanović i Ivan Šuković.

The co-organiser of the exhibition of Milčik Award 2019 is the Petrović Njegoš Foundation.
Patron of Milčik Award: Milija Pavićević
Visual identity of the Milčik Award 2019: Ivana Vujošević
Photographer: Jovan Milošević and Novak Saveljić
The exhibition and the parallel educatonal program of Milčik Award 2019 is realised with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, through the call for NGOs for co-financing projects in art and culture.


The Milčik Award will be held biennially, it includes and provides for one artist a fully covered two-month residency in the Residency Unlimited in New York, USA as well as a solo exhibition after returning to Montenegro.

The Milčik Award is named after an artwork of prominent montenegrin artist Milija Pavićević. Milčik is a chocolate for eating and cooking, its name originated from the artist joining his own name with the surname of his childhood friend, art historian Aleksandar Čilikov (Milija and Čilikov: Milčik).

For the Milčik Awards, a limited series of Milčik chocolates will be produced, one of which will be given as a prize, and a small number offered at the auction for the Milčik fund. In this way, artist Milija Pavićević becomes one of the key sponsors of the award, and in this context, Milčik artwork activates its meaning and in one part emphasizes the importance of investing in art and artists and foster mutual respect and trust in culture.

The Milčik Award seeks to create a positive context around the courage, creativity and innovation of young artists, with which society can identify with. The main goal of the award is to support visual artists and facilitate their artistic trajectory. The award project is designed to recognise local creative potential and connect those art practices to the international scene of contemporary art, thus to enable the introduction of the various models of functioning in the art world, as well as to encourage open and constructive exchange between countries that are already in the program. 

Art collectors and art lovers interested in buying the Milčik artwork can get in touch by email at

Short history

The Young Visual Artists Awards (YVAA) is an international award program intended for visual artists from Central and South-East Europe. Wendy Luers, President of the Foundation for a Civil Society, and a group of dissident artists named this initial award in 1990 after the Czech art historian Jindrich Chalupecky, underscoring the role of culture in democratization and civil society. The Award was established in order to recognize artistic excellence in visual artists under the age of 35, and to give them the opportunity for an artist residency in the US.

The Young Visual Artist Award (YVAA) program has been established over several years through an international network of similar awards with support from the American Trust for Mutual Understanding Foundation.

The Milčik Award and ISU – The Institute of Contemporary Art are part of the international network of YVAA – Young Visual Artists Awards, which today consists of 11 countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Albania, Bulgaria and Montenegro.

Since 2015, Residency Unlimited has been an organizer of the YVAA and hosts a residential program in New York. From 2016 in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Macedonia, and from 2017 in Montenegro, the award is biennial. The award was established in each of these countries by independent and non-profit organizations for contemporary art.