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Art gallery / Independence Square / 01.06. 2018. / 19h


  • Music intermezzo with refreshment
    Nemanja Bečanovic i / and Ljubomir Baćović

Experimental music program from Hobbies of avant-garde



Adrijana Gvozdenović / Montenegro -Belgium
Lenka Đorojević / Montenegro -Slovenia
Flavio Favelli / Italy
Irena Lagator Pejović /  Montenegro
Tara Langford / Great Brittain
Vijai Patchineelam / Brazil-Belgium
Siniša Radulović / Montenegro
Lina Rica / Croatia-Slovenia
Jelena Tomašević / Montenegro

Curator: Natalija Vujošević + ISU
Graphic design:  Denis Ćupić, design of catalog in process
Video + audio: Vukša Vujošević
Documentation of the exhibition: Jovan Milošević

Educational program

05. Jun / 19h
Preocupations 11
Danilo Prnjat – artist and theoretician / Montenegro – Beograd
Lecture > Work (in art)

  • Music intermezzo with refreshment 


07. Jun / 19h
Preocupations 12
Marina Gržinićphilosopher, theorist and artist / Slovenia
Lecture on the topic > Social and artistic coexistence practices and new critical thought


29.06. /19h
Preocupations 13
Discussion topic > Culture in Exile / independent cultural social portals and organisations /


You can visit the exhibition until 30. July
(in Jun working hours of Art gallery are from 17h – 20h, and from 1st – 30th July by appointment, write us on email institut@ica-me.org)