lecture-performance ALTERNATIVA ’84 – Jelena Vesić and Vladimir Jerić Vlidi


Preoccupations/ Jelena Vesić and Vladimir Jerić Vlidi

/ Tuesday 15th May

/ National library “Djurdje Crnojevic”, in the Corner for Art and Reading

Jelena Vesić and Vladimir Jerić Vlidi will present a lecture titled “ALTERNATIVA ’84” within the framework of the “Preoccupations” program, which will deal with several historical views on the cultural perspectives of the Yugoslavian art and media scene in the mid-1980s. The specific positions and tendencies that are being developed in this period will be presented through the examples of the television art series TV Galerija by Dunja Blažević and the media scene formed around the computer Galaksija by Voja Antonić. The TV Galerija and Galaksija will be seen as extraordinary and unexpected occurrences in the context of the then global transformation of telecommunications and the overall media culture. The lecture will show things that are hardly conceivable today, but were part of the reality of 1984, such as inserts from a unique TV show on art that did not have predetermined time duration, or the characteristic sound of software, regularly distributed over radio waves in the program Ventilator 202, which you were able to record and “insert” into the computer you have created yourself.
Such alternative positions and alternative achievements of the Yugoslav “alternative” will be linked to the specific origin of this media scene that appears in the context of self-managing socialism and the fate of Yugoslavia itself, which only a few years after these events ceased to exist as a unique state. To what extent is the country’s fate conditioned by these developments, or to what extent has the scene been determined by the movements of Yugoslavia itself? How has the local scene that was for decades inspired by technological and media solutions from economically developed regions, arrived to its own – alternative – concepts and solutions? What use do we have today from the imagination of alternative reality in which, as Lili Linč writes, “the computer Galaksija from the 1980s becomes more popular than the Western model of computers, saves Yugoslavia from the disintegration, and delivers available microcomputers to every part of the Third World?”
We’ll look for answers together on May 15th – we’ll be waiting for you on “Preoccupations.”

The lecture will be based on the text “Alternative’s Adventures: 1984” (Jelena Vesić & Vladimir Jerić Vlidi), which will be published in the “Long 1980s” (“The Long 1980s – Constellations Of Art, Politics, And Identity A Collection Of Microhistories “), published by Valiz / L’Internationale, 2018.