HOW TO ACHIEVE A SOLIDARY SOCIETY? – Stefan Đukić and Nikola Zečević


Stefan Đukić / Nikola Zečević /
Preoccupations / Conversations in a museum

26.12. 2017 at 6pm

How to achieve a solidary society?

Projection of a political documentary “What Does the Left Want?” followed by a discussion about the 100 years of the Left, after the October Revolution.

Stefan Đukić for ten years leads the theoretical-philosophical blog Against the Negative at from which the texts were later published on web portals and in newspapers in Montenegro and Serbia. For two years he run the theoretical radio show Voicing out against the negative on the waves of radio Bar.

Nikola Zečević is a political scientist and historian; he writes editorials and columns for Vijesti, Peščanik, Novi Plamen.