PREOCCUPATIONS aims to establish a dialogue and exchange of knowledge and ideas between cultural workers and cultural institutions in planning the construction of high-quality common infrastructure through the cooperation and promotion of comprehensive programs for professionals, as well as for all interested members of the public.

The project is organized by Institute for Contemporary Art in cooperation with the National library “Djurdje Crnojević”, the National Museum of Cetinje and Montenegrin Cinematheque. The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro.


PREOCCUPATIONS is divided in two segments, within three institutions in Cetinje:

The Corner for Contemporary Art and Reading is being implemented at the National Library – a supplementary fund for literature intended for students of art, artists, researchers in culture and  all other public interest, and it is available according to standard library regulations. The selection of literature consists of works of art theory, philosophy and other humanities from the late 20th and the 21st century which form the basis for research and understanding of development in these fields. In the “Corner for Art and Reading”, the public will be able to follow professional journals (magazines) that report on current events on the regional and global cultural map. This segment of the project aims to achieve dialogue and exchange of ideas and knowledge between cultural workers and cultural institutions in planning to enhance common infrastructural quality.

Conversations at a museum is a program that will take place in the gallery “Miodrag Dado Đurić”. It is composed of a series of lectures and workshops by cultural researchers (artists, theoreticians, philosophers, curators, historians, students) from the former Yugoslav republics and provinces, as well as from Montenegro. Following the program, the public  will have an opportunity to hear lecturers from different positions in culture: academic, independent, artistic, interdisciplinary, and get familiar with the cross-section of recent culture from post-Yugoslav and international discourse. The objective of this segment of the project PREOCCUPATIONS is to further inform the public about the work and the critical, activist, emancipatory and educational role of the cultural sector, which has so far received extraordinarily modest attention in Montenegro.

This alternative educational program aims to create conditions for adequate education and research in the field of arts and social issues. Future and young professionals, as well as all interested parties, will have an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and develop methods necessary for professional activity and participation in the regional and global cultural space.

Access to all segments of the program is free.


Idea and realisation of the program: Natalija Vujošević, Lenka Đorojević i Adrijana Gvozdenović
Design: Sara Kovačević i Denis Čupić
Photographs of the events: Jovan Milošević