The exhibition DRUGARICE* – Women’s Movement in Montenegro 1943 – 1953 explores and documents the most significant and exciting event in the history of Montenegrin women – the postwar women’s movement that led to the shaping of the figure of a modern woman through rapid emancipation.

The need to revive the repressed memory of postwar legacy of the women’s movement and AFŽ (Women’s Antifascist Front) motivated the authors of the exhibition Natalija Vujošević and Nataša Nelević to prepare this exhibition. The current feminist shift and the increasingly apparent need to discuss women’s issues within a wider political platform also makes this heritage particularly important, not only in the Montenegrin context.

The exhibition is open at the Art Gallery Miodrag Dado Đurić from 22nd September to 25th October.

The exhibition is organized as part of the Initiative for the establishment of the Montenegrin Women’s Museum. It is organized by  the NGO NOVA Center for Feminist Culture and Institute for Contemporary Art from Cetinje, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro and in cooperation with the National Museum of Montenegro.

*drugarice – comrades