Preoccupations / Marina Gržinić

7th June 2018 at 7:30 pm
Art Gallery / Trg nezavisnosti / Podgorica

lecture >>> Social and artistic practices of coexistence and new critical thinking

What do we care about?

We care about life and about this life in a country that does not seem to be for us, if I can freely quote one of the great columns of Milivoje Krivokapić.

It could be said that in the time of neoliberal global capitalism we are increasingly confronted with political and social amnesia, which benefits from the fact that we live almost without the past, producing more and more de-historisation and de-politicisation processes. That is why I will talk about art projects that analyse the structures of power and political violence, all with an attempt to build some other space of art and social space.

Marina Gržinić is a doctor of philosophy, a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and a researcher in Ljubljana at the Institute for Philosophy of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts.