Nomaduma Rosa Masilela / Conversations in a museum / Preoccupations

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Curatorial strategies within the context of next Berlin Biennial

08.12.2017 at 7pm /
Art Gallery Miodrag Dado Đurić

Nomaduma will be speaking on the Berlin biennial’s conceptual and curatorial interest in opacity and unlearning as tools of self preservation, and presenting how these concerns relate to two past biennale public program events. She will also present an artists book that she am producing for the biennale. Composed of archival letters and commissioned ‘games,’ the book activates fractals and queer game theory to examine counter-surveillance and unlearning strategies.

Nomaduma Rosa Masilela is a writer, historian, and artist based in New York, US. She is currently on the curatorial team for the 10th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art, which is slated to open in June 2018. She is also completing a doctorate in Art History at Columbia University in New York. Her dissertation examines public and performance art in 1980s Dakar, Senegal. Her art interests converge around underrepresented aspects of history, collective work and strategy, and slippages between the public and the private. She has previously worked at the Museum of Modern Art, Columbia University, The Kitchen, and the Brooklyn Museum in New York, and assisted with the Dakar Biennale Dak’art in Senegal.