Erëmirë Krasniqi / Conversations at the museum / Preoccupations

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Oral History, alternative archives and open museums: towards new practices of exhibition making 

16.11. / 7pm / Art Gallery Miodrag Dado Đurić

By collecting life stories that intersect with the broader history of Kosovo, Oral History Initiative proposes an inclusive approach towards thinking about the past and its archiving. As part of an open, online platform, the living archive enables local ownership of cultural and historical knowledge. As a praxis it neither hopes to press history back into the singularity of a unified narrative, nor does it desire the end of it. More specifically, this presentation will look closely at the Fushata e Pajtimit të Gjaqeve [Reconciliation of Blood Feuds Campaign] which was a call for reconciliation and unity among Albanians of Kosovo. The archival collection of interviews on the topic of reconciliation accommodates different and sometimes inconsistent interpretations of the campaign that were given at the time and later. In dealing with contemporary history, the question at stake is how the campaign is remembered and memorialised, and how to tell the stories that remained below the radar in the setting of a multi-media exhibition.

Erëmirë Krasniqi (b. 1985) is the executive director of Kosovo Oral History Initiative. She recently studied at the University of Jena and received a postgraduate degree in Exhibiting Contemporary History and also holds a MA in Comparative Literature from Dartmouth. Currently she is researching the Reconciliation of Blood Feuds Campaign (1990-92) and the National Gallery of Kosovo’s collection of Modernist works of art.

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