Boris Buden / Preoccupations / Conversations in a museum

Public lecture > Which language do we speak?
with The declaration about common language
01.11 / 20h
31.10 – 01.11 / 16h – 20h
Evening school > History: damnation or salvation

/ Art Gallery Miodrag Dado Đurić

In the public of post-Yugoslav nations, painful longing is often heard: why do we live in the past and fight in the past wars instead of turning to the future? As much as it is comprehensible, this desire is far from being realised. Why? Why are we condemned to the curse of the history that today in these areas “like a torment pressures brains of living” (K. Marx)?
How have we lost the future in the way of democracy and capitalism? Is it possible to establish the objective truth of historical events and who is responsible for it?

This and similar issues will be discussed in the conceptual horizons bounded with concepts of post-history, historical revisionism, post-communism, industrial modernism, post-colonialism, etc.

Participants are expected to gather the examples from public discourse that discuss the above concepts, namely, in general about the history, the past, the future and their significance in the concrete social reality of Montenegro and the entire post-Yugoslav space.

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